Professor, DLISc, Tumkur University, India.
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ICSSR Research Project

The use of Web-based electronic resources has become common in scholarly writing and publishing. Increasing dependence on web-based resources leads to increased use of web citations. In scholarly publishing, the process of web resources becoming inaccessible over a period of time is referred to as Web decay. Web decay is a threat to the persistent availability of web resources. But, the Web archives particularly the Wayback machine offer a solution to the problem of web decay

In this context, the present research proposal explore the trends in the use of Web citations as well as what percentage of web citations have decayed in Indian theses. Further, an attempt will be made to recover the decayed web citation using Wayback Machine.

Completed Research Projects

  “Measuring the Web Visibility, Scientific Productivity and Citation Patterns of Science Academics using Google Scholar”. Rs. 9,91,800/-sponsored by UGC, New Delhi

  “ICT Literacy Competencies among Rural and Urban Students: The Digital Divide” Rs. 6,00,000/- sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi

  “Status of Library Automation in Science College Libraries affiliated to Kuvempu University” Rs. 23,000/- sponsored by Kuvempu University

  “Impact of ICT Skills on Academic Performance of Students in Kuvempu University: A Study” Rs. 50,000/- sponsored by Kuvempu University

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